Website Development Company

Mobile friendly optimized websites for New Hampshire businesses.

We offer many types of web development to help you engage your audience. If you want to create a web forum, add a classified section to your website, set up a company blog or use one of many other ways to improve your online web presence, we can help. With the increasing popularity of mobile devices, your business may also benefit from a mobile website. There are a range of options for the design and development of your website, and we are here to assist you find the ones that suit your specific style.

Responsive websites developed with Bootstrap, HTML5, CSS3 and shopping cart websites, WordPress, Joomla, WOO Commerce, Virtual Mart,  and OS Commerce.

Development involves the bulk of the programming work, as well as loading content. We keep code organized and commented, and refer constantly to the planning details as the full website takes shape. We take a strategic approach, and avoid future hassles by constantly testing as we go.

  • Build development framework.. This is when unique requirements might force us to diverge from the process. When using Ruby on Rails, an ASP/PHP framework or a content management system, this is when we implement it and get the basic engine up and running. We Do this early to ensures that the server can handle the installation and set-up smoothly.
  • Code templates for each page type.. A website usually has several pages (e.g. home, general content, blog post, form) that can be based on templates.
  • Develop and test special features and interactivity.. Here’s where the fancy elements come into play. We like to take care of this before adding the static content because the website now provides a relatively clean and uncluttered workspace. We like to get forms and validation up and running at this stage as well.
  • Fill with content..  Loading all of the content provided by our clients or writer.  The simplest of pages demand tight typography and careful attention to detail.
  • Test and verify links and functionality.. This where we give a full website review. We walk through every single page we have created—everything from the home page to the submission confirmation page—and make sure everything is in working order and that we haven’t missed anything visually or functionally.

Website Design Packages


Basic Website Package - $500.00 Or $42.00 a month

With our basic website package, you will get a domain name of your choosing, complete hosting for one year, 5 pages of content, complete linking and one form. This package is something of a starter package for those just looking to get a website up and running.

All packages include unlimited storage space, unlimited bandwidth and 5 email accounts with spam protection.

Business Website Package - $850 or $71.00 a month

Our most popular website design package includes your domain name, a year of hosting, up to 12 pages of content, complete linking and one form. This package is a perfect fit for businesses needing more than 5 pages of content.


E-commerce Website Package - $1,500 or $125 a month

The E-commerce website design package is our largest package and includes your domain name, a year of hosting, up to 12 pages of content, complete linking, a form and a shopping cart. If you plan to sell your own products online in a store format, this package will meet your needs.

Other Website Design Services and Additions:

  • Additional Page Design – $100 per page
  • Page/Site Redesign – $60 per hour
  • Graphic/Logo Design – $30 per hour
  • Web Programming – $60 per hour
  • Custom Content Management Systems – Starting at $140