Check out our client examples of our work, we can create a website from scratch using HTML and CSS, with Frameworks such as Bootstrap and other frameworks,WordPress, Joomla, E commerce. what ever your needs are we can do it. So contact us today.

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Marathon Moving

We were contacted by Marathon moving through Ray the Mover another client of Mine when they purchased Ray the Mover. Marathon Moving was looking for another web design company to finish creating their site. So we took on the task of recreating the existing pages into an HTML site. Now we are transitioning it to a WordPress site. The site is live but consistently changing content and images.

The Blog on this site was created by JMAC Designs as well using WordPress.


Ray The Mover

Ray The Mover Is my longest Standing Client and this will be the 3rd site I have done for them. This is still a work in progress and Mirrors Marathon Moving Because the owners also Own Ray the Mover Now.

This site is WordPress with Bootstrap Framework.


Ray The Mover

This is the 2nd site I created for Ray The Mover and Is currently the One that is live. Matt from Ray the mover was looking for a mobile friendly site using their brand colors. So we created a Bootstrap framework site that is easy to navigate and is exactly what the client was looking for at the time.


Element Lounge

Element Lounge contacted me to do there website 11 years ago. The site has changed with the bars renovations over the years, this particular site was done with WordPress and has an event section and a future menu section.

This site is also expandable and changeable so in the future we have made so they only need to pay for changes not a complete site.


New England Gilbert & Sullivan Society

I was contacted by Martha from New England Gilbert & Sullivan Society to make a proposal for their website for the the theater group. They needed at site where they could have memberships paid for and so they could post their events and explain about the society.

We used Joomla to create a site where they could do all the edits easily and have a database of members that are able to sign up and pay their membership dues even have the ability to do automatic renewals.

This is the second design their web designer came up with and JMAC Designs handles the development  of the site. This site showcases development , membership options, newsletter implementation and event implementation all on one site.


A.A. American Moving & Storage

I was contacted by Trudi from A.A. American moving and storage to create a new website for their moving company to replace the old site. This was a referral from Michelle at Ray The Mover.

They wanted to showcase their moving services they offer and wanted an all device friendly website that was easy to navigate and use. They needed two quote forms, service pages, informational pages, testimonial page and a blog.

So we created a site using Bootstrap framework that showcases all they asked for. this is great example of creating a site from scratch using Bootstrap framework and incorporating three forms and informational pages.


Photography by Genevieve

Genevieve was looking for a simple site to showcase her Photos and give some info about her and what she does.

We created a basic website Using Bootstrap Framework using and manipulating a template to showcase several photo galleries that all the photos are protected by a watermark so they can’t be used unless paid for.

This is an example of a Photo gallery site.


JTD Landscaping

Josh From JTD Landscaping contacted me about having a website made and wanted to showcase his services and show the work he has done. He wanted a reasonably priced site that was very basic so we used a template and just added his content and a contact form to do that.


Green Way Lawn,Tree, & Shrub Care

Michael from Green Way Lawn Care contacted JMAC Designs to create an all device friendly website. That would inform potential and existing customers of law, tree and shrub problems and  show the service to treat these problems and prevent them. He also wanted a way to have his clients pay online for services even ongoing services and payments.

We created a WordPress site with a payment form and contact us form with informational pages about problems solutions and services. We developed the site to be user friendly and it is a good example of a business type of site.



Simply Social Dancing

Lisa from Simply Social Dancing wanted a website where she could showcase her dance lessons and when there were events and classes for people to attend. She also wanted a way for her students could pay online and to sign up for classes. She wanted a site that would match her logo and brand, so we created a site from bootstrap framework  to create an all device friendly site that showcases here events and classes.


Wadland Clock Repair

Phil contacted us about his family owned clock repair business because he new in today’s day and age he needed a web presence. He basically wanted a way for people to view his services online.

This is a one page website created with Bootstrap framework, that has navigation that points to a section of the page. It is simple and just what he wanted for his clock repair business.


Paving Company Website Example

Created this site for a paving company and they went in another direction, so this is now ready for any paving company to use. contact us today to add your content to this existing design.


Freaky Fiction Payment Form

We were contacted by the daughter of the owner of this site her dad wanted a better website, one that could take payments and have the ability to upload stories after some on had paid them. So instead of a complete site we added forms to the existing site and two pages. so they could at least have the ability to have people upload stories after they had paid to do so. This is the payment form.


Freaky Fiction Story Upload Form

This is the upload form for freaky Fiction created  using Jotform.