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No matter how attractive your website is, if it’s not running smoothly, you’re not in a good place. The longer you leave it in poor shape, the more customers you stand to lose. Nobody wants to deal with a company that doesn’t care about errors or dead links. Nobody wants to give money to a business that can’t take a moment to update pages or ensure they load properly.

If you don’t have the time or the skills needed to keep things functional from month to month, we know how frustrating that can be. Don’t worry – Jmac Designs is ready to help so you can focus on other things.

No matter what your budget or monthly traffic numbers may be, we have something available.

Our JMAC Basic Maintenance Package will get you started right, featuring up to 4 hours of updates every month. At just $110, it’s great for small sites with low traffic.

For only $160, our JMAC Plus Maintenance Package gives you up to 6 hours of updates.

Rounding it out is our JMAC Premium Maintenance Package, offering up to 10 hours of updates and the power to keep your website running as flawlessly as possible. At $250, how can you say no?